Image of Bradley Stryker

Bradley Stryker

1977-06-29 Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A

Image of Bradley Stryker


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Bradley is an award-recognized Actor whose debut feature film as Writer/Director, "Land of Smiles", received 31 International film festival awards.


Let Him Go Sheriff Nevelson 2020-11-05
Nightfire Williams 2020-05-01
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Hailey Dean Mysteries: Killer Sentence Clayton Morrel 2019-05-19
Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Prescription for Murder Clayton Morrel 2019-05-12
Witness Protection Davis 2017-01-01
Drone Ted 2017-05-26
Max 2: White House Hero Chef Coop 2017-05-05
Land of Smiles Dale 2017-05-01
Violence of Action Leka 2012-12-24
The American Dream Chuck 2011-01-01
Termination Point Van Elden 2007-12-31
Bruce Almighty College Rioter 2003-05-23
Wolves of Wall Street Kennison 2002-12-31
The Brotherhood Devon 2001-03-15
Final Stab Patrick 2001-05-05