Image of Kim Maree Penn

Kim Maree Penn

Sydney, Australia

Image of Kim Maree Penn


In Hong Kong, they call Kim-Maree Penn "Gum Mar Lei"—the Golden Leader. With looks that could kill and a lethal kick she wouldn’t hesitate to use if necessary, Penn understands celebrity from a personal perspective. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she became one of the most sought after Western action heroines in all of Asia. Cast in a series of films with titles like Ultimate Revenge and Fist of Fury, Penn worked with great action stars Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh and Jean-Claude Van Damme.


黑色城市 Kim 1999-01-01
Knock Off Chip 1998-09-04
Chinese Box 1997-11-14
衝破死亡遊戲 Shelly Kim 1997-12-26
Ultimate Revenge Killer 1995-10-20
神探POWER之問米追兇 Thai gang leader's thug 1994-05-21
痴情快婿 Blonde Killer 1992-03-19
警察故事 III:超級警察 Drug lord #3 bodyguard 1992-07-04
皇家師姐之中間人 General's girl 1990-06-15
鐵膽雄風 Kitty 1989-07-14