Image of Soi Cheang

Soi Cheang

1972-01-05 Hong Kong

Image of Soi Cheang


Soi Cheang Pou-Soi is a Hong Kong actor, director and screenwriter. He has been mentored by Johnnie To throughout his career.


Iron Fists and Kung Fu Kicks Himself 2019-08-02
人間喜劇 Assassin To 2010-03-31
Ching toi Arms smuggler 2008-01-01
圍城 2008-03-22
新紮師妹3 Killer 2006-06-08
鬼域 The director of 'My Love' 2006-01-01
走火槍 2002-11-07
願望樹 Mak Sir (as Soi Cheang Pou-Soi) 2001-06-28
別戀 Dr Alan 2001-12-06
夜半無人屍語時 King 1998-12-23
少年15/16時 Xander's Thug 1996-11-02
旺角風雲 1996-09-07
雨夜天魔 1993-06-09