Image of James Yi Lui

James Yi Lui

1939-12-13 Guangdong, China

Image of James Yi Lui


James Yi Lui was born in 1943, the son of famed comic actor Yi Chau-shui. At age 17, he joined Shaw Brothers as a bit part actor, starting with Sweet Girl in Terror in 1958. A breakout role in Teddy Girls (1969) moved him up to lead and major supporting roles until he achieved stardom with his comedic turn in Adventure in Denmark (1973). He continued to appear in films (nearly 100 total) until 1989 and also formed his own production company, Daai Sing, which enabled him to direct and produced several films. He retired after directing and starring in the ghost comedy Excuse Me, Please! in 1989 and passed away ten years later from heart disease.


猛鬼山墳 1989-10-19
霸王女福星 Man at airport 1988-11-17
猛鬼學堂 Romeo 1988-04-28
江湖龙虎斗 Richard Lui 1987-07-30
我愛神仙遮 Lin Guo Ren 1984-05-11
風水二十年 Ya-ch'uan 1983-09-21
星際鈍胎 Eden / Yi Tien 1983-04-11
害時出世 Lei 1983-10-27
拍拖更 Captain Po 1982-06-16
鲨鱼烧卖 1982-02-19
交叉零蛋 1981-06-19
公子嬌 Ah Kiu 1981-04-16
邪鬥邪 Cai Tou 1980-11-19
林亞珍老虎魚蝦蟹 1979-08-02
Gui gan guo yin 1979-08-24
谷爆 1978-11-09
Lam Ah Chun 1978-06-29
茄哩啡 Hakky Ho 1978-12-14
Woo Fook Cheung 1977-12-15
Chu ce Mental Prisoner 1691 1977-11-23
Wu long Q wang Jimmy Chan 1977-11-02
A Haunted House 1975-01-23
社女 1975-09-18
烏龍教一 1974-06-07
啼笑夫妻 Lo Ah Fuk 1974-10-23
應召女郎 1973-04-19
玉女情挑 1973-01-18
血酒後街 1973-03-09
搖錢樹 Suzy's Boyfriend 1973-06-16
春滿丹麥 George - Tour Winner #2 1973-06-28
Da xu hai 1973-03-15
血愛 1972-07-12
黑名單 Ho 1972-11-02
巴士站 1971-11-11
浪子與修女 1971-05-06
飛男飛女 Tong Wong 1969-11-21
十三號情報員 Tong Kwong-kwan 1964-11-11
Yu nu jing hun 1958-12-31