Image of Yukari Ôshima

Yukari Ôshima

1963-12-31 Fukuoka, Japan

Image of Yukari Ôshima


The female martial artist and action actor better known to Western audiences as Yukari Oshima has so far appeared in over 60 Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Philippino and Chinese films released between 1986 and 1999. Despite being a Japanese national, Yukari has acted in only one Japanese movie, cast as a radio reporter in a special guest appearance. After living and working in the Philippines for a number of years, Yukari returned to Japan and began working in tourism. Her screen legacy of fight scenes are among the most spectacular of all of Asian action cinema. Yukari performed her own action scenes without doubles and actively sought out the forceful reality of full-contact Hong Kong movies as a showcase for her own physical skill.


杨门女将之军令如山 2nd Lady Yang / Zou Lanying 2011-11-18
Xtreme Warriors 2001-04-27
博多ムービー ちんちろまい 2000-10-21
浪盜江湖 1999-01-01
黃金噩夢 Jean Chung 1999-05-01
罪加一等 1999-06-01
Lethal Combat: Techno Warriors 2 Li Yen 1999-06-16
伙頭大將軍 Interpol Agent Yukari 1998-08-15
Leopard Hunting 1998-06-01
殺手 Angel Lee 1997-01-01
雌虎威龍 1997-01-01
Tapang Sa Tapang Jane Nakamoto 1997-01-01
Top Fighter 2 Herself (Archive Footage) 1996-09-10
Qi du xian feng 1995-01-31
過江龍 Heung Lan 1995-08-25
黑星風雲 Lin Lo Hung 1995-10-19
Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine - Volume 1 Herself 1995-07-22
Cinema of Vengeance Herself (uncredited) 1994-01-01
Hong tian mi ling Cynthia 1994-01-01
Pintsik 1994-06-01
Once Upon A Time In Manila Lt. Cynthia Wang 1994-01-01
越軌之狼 1994-01-07
1/3情人 1993-01-01
Angel the Kickboxer 1993-01-13
性奴 1993-10-28
霸海紅英 Oshima 1993-10-14
庙街十三妹 1993-01-01
雲雨生死戀 Kicking Cop 1993-01-02
超級計劃 Red Fighter 1993-10-21
Magkasangga sa batas Jane Matsuko / Shoko 1993-10-01
末路狂花 Coco 1993-09-23
火種 Bullet 1993-01-27
性氣功之探秘 1993-01-01
至尊特警 1992-01-01
宇宙狙擊 1992-01-01
偷神家族 Sim Lan 1992-01-01
Fatal Chase 1992-01-01
妙探雙嬌 Yamatoto 1992-10-01
金三角群英會 Bullet 1992-01-03
誓不忘情 Detective Su Erh 1992-01-01
新龍爭虎鬥 Mrs. Wong 1992-05-21
賭鬼總動員 1992-01-03
踩過界 Mok Yu Xia 1992-11-11
天使風雲 1991-06-28
飛鷹行動 1991-04-26
Lit foh ching sau Amy 1991-10-31
Mao bian 1991-01-01
夢醒血未停 Black Cat 1991-01-01
Mao bian 1991-01-01
力王 Huang Chung (West Block) 1991-10-05
Never Say Regret 1990-06-01
The Best of Martial Arts Films Herself 1990-01-01
黑海霸王花 1990-09-21
越軌行動 Typist 1990-12-08
最佳賊拍檔 Captain Tequila 1990-01-27
午夜天使 1990-10-19
先發制人 Hing-tse 1990-06-21
沉底鱷 Kitty Li 1989-11-30
十面埋伏 Fan 1989-09-30
7小福 2 出擊 Big Sister 1989-07-22
駁腳差佬 1989-12-28
Final Run Mon Ta Yee-Wa 1989-04-10
飛越危牆 Migi 1989-05-18
龍之爭霸 Chau Siao-Tao 1989-04-13
天使行動 Yeung 1987-03-10
富貴列車 Japanese ninja 1986-01-30
靈幻童子 Hai Chiu Hse 1986-01-01
Funny Family Tempura 1986-10-30
Huan le long hu bang Yamashita's fighter 1986-06-18
超電子バイオマン THE MOVIE Farrah-Cat 1984-07-14