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Bruce Thomas


Image of Bruce Thomas


Bruce Thomas is an American actor known for portraying the character of Batman in a series of commercials for General Motors' OnStar service that aired from 2000 to 2002. Wikipedia


Batman: Hush Jim Gordon (voice) 2019-07-19
Freedom Fighters: The Ray Richard Terrill (voice) 2018-08-28
Interference Wolf 2018-09-14
Winter Wedding Holden Pierce 2017-12-25
Shockwave: Countdown to disaster Pierce 2017-09-02
Batman: Bad Blood Commissioner Gordon (voice) 2016-03-22
Death Clique Paul Cowan 2014-04-12
Justice League: War Desaad (voice) 2014-02-02
Raze Kurtz 2013-04-21
The Cheating Pact Greg Hamilton 2013-09-28
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Atrocitus 2011-04-09
Hall Pass Rick Coleman 2011-02-25
Babysitter Wanted Jim Stanton 2009-02-06
Just Desserts Jim 2004-01-01
A Boyfriend for Christmas Ted Powell 2004-11-27
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde UPS Guy 2003-07-02
Legally Blonde UPS Guy 2001-07-13
Thirteen Days Floyd 2000-12-24
Secrets of a Chambermaid Bruce 1998-01-01
Army of Darkness Mini-Ash #2 1992-10-09