Image of Bruce Dern

Bruce Dern

1936-06-04 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Image of Bruce Dern


Bruce MacLeish Dern (born June 4, 1936) is an American film actor. He also appeared as a guest star in numerous television shows. He frequently takes roles as a character actor, often playing unstable and villainous characters. Dern appeared in more than 80 feature films and made for TV movies.


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Mrs. Munck Patrick Leary 1995-01-01
Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight George Putnam 1994-06-12
Dead Man's Revenge Payton McCay 1994-04-15
Diggstown John Gillon 1992-08-14
Carolina Skeletons Junior Stoker 1991-09-30
Into the Badlands T.L. Barston 1991-07-24
The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson Scout Ed Higgins 1990-10-15
After Dark, My Sweet Garrett "Uncle Bud" Stoker 1990-08-24
The 'Burbs Lt. Mark Rumsfield 1989-02-17
Trenchcoat in Paradise John Hollander 1989-10-18
1969 Cliff Denny 1988-08-18
World Gone Wild Ethan 1988-04-22
Uncle Tom's Cabin 1987-06-14
Roses Are for the Rich Douglas Osborne 1987-05-17
The Big Town M. Edwards 1987-09-25
On the Edge Wes Holman 1986-05-02
Toughlove Rob Charters 1985-10-13
Space Dr. Stanley Mott 1985-04-13
Harry Tracy, Desperado Harry Tracy 1982-01-21
That Championship Season George Sitkowski 1982-12-09
Tattoo Karl Kinsky 1981-10-09
Middle Age Crazy Bobby Lee 1980-07-25
Coming Home Capt. Bob Hyde 1978-02-15
The Driver The Detective 1978-07-10
Black Sunday Lander 1977-03-11
Won Ton Ton: the Dog Who Saved Hollywood Grayson Potchuck 1976-07-26
Folies bourgeoises William Brandels 1976-06-23
Family Plot George Lumley 1976-04-09
Smile Robert "Big Bob" Freelander 1975-01-01
Posse Jack Strawhorn 1975-06-04
The Great Gatsby Tom Buchanan 1974-03-27
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Deputy (uncredited) 1973-05-23
The Laughing Policeman Insp. Leo Larsen SFPD 1973-12-20
Silent Running Freeman Lowell 1972-03-10
The Cowboys Long Hair 1972-01-13
The King of Marvin Gardens Jason Staebler 1972-10-12
Thumb Tripping Smitty 1972-10-01
The Making of Silent Running Himself 1972-01-01
Drive, He Said Coach Bullion 1971-06-13
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant Roger 1971-04-28
Rebel Rousers J.J. Weston 1970-04-01
Bloody Mama Kevin Dirkman 1970-03-24
Number One Richie Fowler 1969-08-21
Castle Keep Lt. Billy Byron Bix 1969-07-23
Support Your Local Sheriff Joe Danby 1969-03-26
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? James 1969-12-10
The Cycle Savages Keeg 1969-08-22
Will Penny Rafe Quint 1968-04-10
Psych-Out Steve Davis 1968-03-06
Hang 'em High Miller 1968-07-31
The Trip John 1967-08-23
The War Wagon Hammond 1967-05-27
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Johnny May 1967-06-30
Waterhole #3 Deputy Samuel P. Tippen 1967-10-10
The Wild Angels Joe 'Loser' Kearns 1966-07-20
Marnie Sailor 1964-07-22
Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte John Mayhew 1964-12-15
The Crimebusters Joe Krajac 1961-01-01
Wild River Jack Roper 1960-05-01
The Artist's Wife Richard Smythson
Hands that Bind Hank
Crimes of Passion II