Image of Jason Hwang Jeong-Li

Jason Hwang Jeong-Li

1944-12-21 Osaka, Japan

Image of Jason Hwang Jeong-Li


​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hwang Jang Lee (born 21 December 1944) is a Korean martial artist and actor. Hwang is perhaps best known as Sheng Kuan in 1978 film Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Wong Chin in 1981 film Hitman in the Hand of Buddha. Variations of his name are often written as Wong Cheng Lee or Wong Cheng Li, in their Cantonese-Chinese equivalents. He is also nicknamed Silver fox (the name of his most popular movie character), as well as "Thunderleg" or "Thunderfoot" (from his role in 1978 film Drunken Master). Born in Korea, but moved to Osaka, Japan at a very young age. He and his family later returned to Korea when he was as a teenager. Description above from the Wikipedia article Hwang Jang Lee, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


보스 Seong-cheon 1996-07-06
암흑가의 황제 1994-10-22
전국구 2 1994-01-01
西雅圖大屠殺 Hitman 1989-01-14
鐵膽雄風 Chief Inspector Terry Chiu 1989-07-14
花心野玫瑰 1988-01-28
天使行動 Boss Chang Lung 1987-03-10
No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder Fighter 1987-11-05
中華戰士 General Toga's henchman 1987-04-16
富貴列車 Yukio Fushiki 1986-01-30
流氓英雄 Paleface 1986-12-04
Future Hunters Silverfox 1986-01-01
茅山學堂 The Ghost of March 1986-10-13
사대소림사 General Yuen Tan-Pang (Yuen Fong) 1984-08-25
광동관소화자 Dong Wan (Ki-Ryong) 1983-03-15
소림사 용팔이 1983-05-05
뇌권 Kam Fu 1983-06-04
滿天神佛 Japanese Magican 1983-02-06
광동살무사 Kal Ma-ryong 1983-08-13
龍之忍者 The Magician 1982-06-23
廣東靚仔玉 Luo Yihu 1982-02-07
해결사 1982-03-18
血嬰 Wong Lung (as Huang Jang Lee) 1982-01-01
인자문살수 1982-08-14
사형사제 Villain 1982-08-03
Bruce Strikes Back Wang Fei 1982-09-01
인무가인 Wong Chin (Wang Cheng) 1981-04-14
용호의 사촌들 1981-12-11
死亡塔 Chin Ku 1981-03-21
Fen nu de qing nian 1981-01-23
The Eagle's Killer Ghost Hand Lo Hsin 1981-01-23
飛刀‧又見飛刀 Kam - Invincible Golden Rings 1981-03-02
She mao ho hun hsing Sek Ba 1980-03-06
Challenge of the Tiger Comrade Yang 1980-01-01
佛掌皇爺 Prince 1980-05-14
Young Hero 1980-01-01
迷拳三十六招 Cheung Sze 1980-01-01
Lung ying moh kiu Russian Fighter 1980-01-01
巡捕房Tiger Over Wall 1980-05-25
비천권 Silver Fox 1980-09-23
Shuang la 1980-07-18
五爪十八翻 Ling Ko Fung 1979-01-01
Mao shan dao ren Chai Chau Tien 1979-03-02
Nan bei zui quan Rubber Legs 1979-06-26
龍虎門 Lu Shan Tu 1979-07-05
醉拳 Thunderleg 1978-10-05
蛇形刁手 Master Shang Kuan Yin 1978-03-01
洪拳大師 Ghost Leg Killer 1978-01-07
鷹爪鐵布衫 Minister Cheng 1977-06-29
大武士與小票客 Tien Lung Chong (as Wong Zheng Lieh) 1977-01-01
Zhen jia gong fu Yi Lang 1977-01-01
Nan quan bei tui dou jin hu Chin Hu / Gold Fox 1977-04-20
Shen tui tie shan gong General Shantung 1977-01-01
Nan quan bei tui Silver Fox 1976-06-18
흑룡강 1976-07-17
詠春與截拳 1976-06-11
아메리카 방문객 1976-06-12
죽음의 승부 Pong Mar Kow 1975-03-15
돌아온 외다리 1974-07-19