Image of Cho Wing

Cho Wing

1962-01-19 Hong Kong, China

Image of Cho Wing


Hong Kong film and television actor and martial arts instructor. Played Monkey King in the TV series "The Journey to the West" and won the 34th Taiwan Golden Horse Award for Best Action Director Award. Cho Wing won the 34th place for his unique and brilliant martial arts design in “The Chef of the Righteousness”.


降妖伏魔之定海神针 Sun Wukong 2020-03-28
虎猛威龍 Terrorist 1995-05-18
倚天屠龍記之魔教教主 Shaolin Monk 1993-12-18
Da ying jing qing lu ye zhui ji 1993-09-23
特異功能猩求人 1992-05-01
審死官 Inspector General's Man 1992-07-02
卫斯理之霸王卸甲 Capt. Nguen Van Bao 1991-01-10
老表,你好嘢! Facing East 1991-09-13
契媽唔易做 Lollipop 1991-07-12
夜魔先生 Taxi Driver 1990-12-22
水玲瓏 Hell guard 1990-07-19
同根生 1989-01-07
血裸祭 1989-03-09
飛龍猛將 Thug at factory 1988-02-11
海市蜃楼 1987-01-23
中華英雄 Angry Chinese 1986-02-16