Image of Michael Fox

Michael Fox

1921-02-27 Yonkers, New York, USA

Image of Michael Fox



Skinheads Saul 1989-03-10
Over the Top Jim Olson 1987-02-13
Young Frankenstein Helga's Father 1974-12-15
The Longest Yard Announcer 1974-08-21
Wild in the Sky 1972-03-01
Bloody Mama Dr. Roth 1970-03-24
The Dunwich Horror Dr. Raskin 1970-01-14
Seven in Darkness The Pilot 1969-09-23
The Greatest Mother of 'em All night club comic 1969-12-31
Angel's Flight Jake 1965-01-01
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Man in Television Commercial 1962-10-31
War of the Satellites Jason ibn Akad 1958-05-18
Top Secret Affair Reporter Laszlo 'Lotzie' Kovach 1957-01-30
Plunder Road 1957-12-05
The Girl In The Kremlin Igor Smetka 1957-04-10
The Tijuana Story Reuben Galindo 1957-10-01
The Big Knife Prize Fight Announcer 1955-10-25
Running Wild Delmar Graves 1955-12-01
Conquest of Space Elsbach 1955-04-20
Gog 1954-06-04
Riders to the Stars Dr. Klinger 1954-01-14
Riding with Buffalo Bill King Carney 1954-11-11
Gog Dr. Hubertus 1954-06-04
Sky Commando Maj. Scott 1953-08-21
Run for the Hills Phineas Cragg 1953-06-01
The Lost Planet Dr. Ernst Grood 1953-06-04
The Glass Wall Inspector Toomey / Narrator 1953-03-19
The Magnetic Monster Dr. Serny 1953-02-18
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms ER Doctor 1953-06-13
Serpent of the Nile Octavius 1953-05-08
Last Train from Bombay Capt. Tamil 1952-08-01
Blackhawk Mr. Case 1952-07-24