Image of Dolph Sweet

Dolph Sweet


Image of Dolph Sweet



Reds Big Bill Haywood 1981-12-25
The Two Lives of Carol Letner Lieutenant Ron Vance 1981-10-14
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Waldrop 1981-01-01
The Acorn People Donald Bradshaw 1981-03-02
Below the Belt LeRoi 1980-12-01
The Wanderers Chubby Galasso 1979-07-13
Aunt Mary Amos Jones 1979-12-05
Act of Violence Detective O'Brien 1979-11-10
Deathmoon Lt. Russ Cort 1978-05-30
Go Tell the Spartans Gen. Harnitz 1978-07-12
Heaven Can Wait Head Coach 1978-06-28
A Killing Affair Scotty Neilson 1977-09-21
The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training Mr. Manning 1977-07-08
Amazing Grace Mayer Scott 1974-08-30
The Migrants Sheriff 1974-02-04
Sisters Detective Kelly 1973-03-26
Cops and Robbers George 1973-08-15
Fear Is the Key Jablonsky 1972-12-26
The New Centurions Sergeant Runyon 1972-08-03
The Telephone Book Obscene Caller 1971-10-03
The Out-of-Towners Police Sgt Kavalefski 1970-05-28
Colossus: The Forbin Project Missile Commander 1970-04-08
The Lost Man Police Captain 1969-07-11
The Swimmer Henry Biswanger 1968-05-15
Finian's Rainbow Sheriff 1968-10-09
The Desperate Hours Jesse Bard 1967-12-13
You're a Big Boy Now Francis Graf 1966-09-09