Image of Julie T. Wallace

Julie T. Wallace


Image of Julie T. Wallace



The Spiritualist 2016-09-26
Stag Hunt 2015-05-16
Cemetery Junction Dignified Woman 2010-04-14
Edge Linda 2010-10-23
Speed Racer Truck Driver 2008-05-07
Lighthouse Hill Bunny 2004-05-04
Devil's Harvest Mary Henson 2003-01-01
B. Monkey Mrs. Sturge 1998-11-07
The Fifth Element Major Iceborg 1997-05-02
Anchoress Bertha 1993-09-10
Selling Hitler Edith Lieblang 1991-06-11
The Lunatic Inga 1991-01-01
Hawks Ward Sister 1988-08-05
The Living Daylights Rosika Miklos 1987-06-29