Image of Liu Chia-Liang

Liu Chia-Liang

1936-08-01 Xinhui, Guangdong, China

Image of Liu Chia-Liang


Lau Kar-leung (Chinese: 劉家良, 28 July 1934 – 25 June 2013), also known as Liu Chia-liang, was a Hong Kong-based Chinese actor, filmmaker, choreographer and martial artist. Lau is best known for the films he made in the 1970s and 1980s for the Shaw Brothers Studio. One of his most famous works is The 36th Chamber of Shaolin which starred Gordon Liu, as well as Drunken Master II which starred Jackie Chan.


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蠍子戰士 Master Lo 1992-09-10
双龙会 Doctor 1992-01-15
豪門夜宴 Master Lau 1991-11-30
初到貴境 Uncle 1990-10-05
群龍戲鳳 Casino boss 1989-02-24
烈血風雲 1988-05-12
凶貓 Master Cheung 1987-01-01
橫財三千萬 1987-07-02
霹靂十傑 Manchu Gym Chief 1985-05-17
五郎八卦棍 Hunter, helps Yang 5th escape 1984-02-17
掌門人 Wang Hsieh Yun 1983-03-31
十八般武藝 Uncle Yu / Lei Kung 1982-01-21
武館 Explains lion dance in intro 1981-08-19
長輩 Yu Ching-Chuen 1981-01-01
瘋猴 Uncle Chan 1979-10-05
Feng Chen Liu Jie 1979-06-25
中華丈夫 Master So 1978-12-30
洪熙官 Governor's fighter on the stairs 1977-02-16
陸阿采與黃飛鴻 Ho Fu 1976-05-07
神打 Chien's disciple 1975-11-28
獨臂刀王 'Ape Arms' Yuan Chen 1969-02-28
十二金錢鏢 Meng Gang 1969-03-13
Shen dao 2nd brother 1968-08-23
金燕子 Golden Dragon Branch leader 1968-04-03
斷腸劍 Qiu's fighter with shield 1967-03-04
獨臂刀 Ba Shuang 1967-07-26
邊城三俠 Brother Hu 1966-11-08
女秀才 Bandit 1966-11-23
大地兒女 Japanese agent 1965-03-19
火燒紅蓮寺之鴛鴦劍俠 Red Lotus member 1965-12-22
江湖奇俠 Red Lotus member 1965-01-10
蕭聲震武林(下集) 1965-08-25
宝莲灯 1965-07-07
潘金蓮 Qing's man 1964-04-09
如來神掌(上集) 1964-02-26
岳飛出世 1962-09-26
猩猩王大戰黃飛鴻 1960-06-16
黃飛鴻被困黑地獄 1959-06-07
白娘娘借屍還魂 1959-05-08
黃飛鴻龍爭虎鬥 1958-02-13
黃飛鴻擂台鬥五虎 1958-06-01