Image of Stefan Kalipha

Stefan Kalipha

1940-01-01 Trinidad, West Indies

Image of Stefan Kalipha


Stefan Kalipha is an actor.


Aladdin Imam 2019-05-24
Babylon Fat Larry 2019-03-08
Men in Black: International Antique Shopkeeper 2019-06-14
The Nativity Story Kaspar 2006-12-01
The Crucifer of Blood Wali Dad 1991-11-04
When Love Dies Charles 1990-01-20
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Hatay Tank Gunner 1989-05-24
Dreaming Rivers 1988-01-01
Playing Away Louis 1987-01-02
Born of Fire Bilal 1987-03-31
Black Joy Sharp Eddie 1986-09-27
Playboy of the West Indies Stanley 1985-10-13
The House 1984-09-27
For Your Eyes Only Hector Gonzales 1981-06-24
A Hole in Babylon Peter 1979-11-29
Cuba Ramon 1979-12-21
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Ibrahim 1979-01-01
Black Christmas Herman 1977-12-20
Home Sweet India Lalla 1976-05-22
The Villa Maroc Ali 1972-02-17