Image of Sun Chien

Sun Chien

1955-01-01 Taiwan

Image of Sun Chien


Born January 26, 1955 in Taiwan under the name Suen Jian-yuan, Sun Chien (Chinese: 孫建) lost both parents while young and was brought up by his two sisters. In 1976, director Chang Cheh was recruiting new stars in Taiwan for the movie Chinatown Kid. Tae kwon do veteran Sun was selected among many competitors and was given the supporting role in the movie. Sun since developed his career in Hong Kong (notably as one of the 5 Venoms) and signed as a contract actor with Shaw Brothers for eight years. Being one of "Chang's Cohorts," he often starred in the director's action and martial arts movies. After Shaw Brothers ceased film production in 1986 to focus on TV projects, Sun lent his talents to subpar "cut-and-paste" productions for producer Tomas Tang's Filmark International. In the early 90s he served as an action director and assistant director on several films before retiring in 1992.


The Plot 1991-05-11
火爆浪子 Big Circle Han 1991-09-14
The Vampire Is Still Alive Three Killed Warriors 1989-01-01
奪寶龍虎鬥 1989-01-01
Robo Vampire 3: Counter Destroy 1989-01-06
Ninja, Demon's Massacre 1988-10-04
Crocodile Fury 1988-01-30
The Spy Inferno 1988-06-22
獵狐行動 1988-01-01
Treasure Hunter 1988-01-01
Fatal Command 1988-01-07
Terminal Angels 1987-01-01
Devil's Dynamite 1987-09-14
Ninja: American Warrior 1987-08-01
Ninja Fantasy 1986-01-01
霹靂十傑 Governor's Man 1985-05-17
Pursuit of a Killer Lei Kung 1985-09-20
野戰忍者 1984-01-01
錦衣衛 Li Yi 1984-10-19
天蠶變 Xie Ping 1983-09-14
清宮啟示錄 Kam Fung Chi 1983-01-15
掌門人 Ah Chang 1983-03-31
楊過與小龍女 Chief Qiu 1983-02-12
人皮燈籠 Sgt. Poon 1982-07-14
浣花洗劍 Bai Zhong 1982-05-18
俠客行 Bei Haishi 1982-12-16
Chong xiao lou Yan Chun Min 1982-01-09
大旗英雄傳 Little Prince 1982-02-19
陸小鳳之決戰前後 Hua Manlou 1981-01-01
書劍恩仇錄 No. 7, Hu Tin Wang 1981-07-19
射鵰英雄傳第三集 Scholar 1981-11-12
黑蜥蜴 Constable Tieh Fu 1981-11-26
少林與武當 Chin Tai-lei 1980-12-01
第三類打鬥 Lin Wei Gang 1980-01-18
Mu wu wang fa Luo Zhang 1980-12-31
大殺四方 Tang Yu-Tung 1980-09-10
雜技亡命隊 Xinzheng 1979-06-09
賣命小子 Feng Jia Ji 1979-09-20
Jin bei tong Yang Hu Yun / Iron Feet Lad 1979-01-01
街市英雄 Zhu Cai 1979-03-24
廣東十虎與後五虎 Wang Yin Lin 1979-12-25
Nan Shao Lin yu bei Shao Lin Hsu Fong 1978-11-19
射鵰英雄傳續集 Luk Koon Ying 1978-05-13
残缺 Hu Ah-Kue 1978-12-20
五毒 Gao Ji, the Scorpion/Chief Constable Ma 1978-08-12
唐人街功夫小子 Yang Jian Wen 1977-12-02