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Derek Yee Tung-Sing

1957-12-28 Hong Kong, British Crown Colony [now China]

Image of Derek Yee Tung-Sing


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Derek Yee Tung-sing (Chinese: 爾冬陞, born 28 December 1957), is a former Shaw Brothers actor from Hong Kong, currently a film director and screenwriter, who has achieved fame and respect in Hong Kong and international film festival circuits for treading carefully commercial viability concerns with artistic integrity. He is the younger half-brother of famed Hong Kong actors Paul Chun and David Chiang, the latter also a former Shaw Brothers star. Yee has starred in over 40 movies in Hong Kong between 1975 and 1986, during the time when Shaw Brothers Studio were still producing movies. Since then Yee turned to screenwriting and directing and has made a career out of making films like C'est la vie, mon chéri, Viva Erotica and The Truth About Jane and Sam and also gritty dramas like One Night in Mongkok and Protégé. Derek Yee was a former boyfriend of Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung. Description above from the Wikipedia article Derek Yee, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.


懵仔多情 1996-11-09
画魂 Pan Zanhua 1994-03-12
達摩祖師 Bodhidharma 1994-02-25
喂,搵邊位? Supt [cameo] 1994-04-28
青春火花 1994-10-29
暴雨驕陽 Principal Chun 1994-10-29
曝光人物 1991-12-12
莎莎嘉嘉站起來 1991-12-05
婚姻勿語 John 1991-03-27
川島芳子 Amakasu Masahiko/Wong Ka Hung 1990-07-28
Wan ming shuang xiong Tony 1990-06-07
打工狂想曲 Albert 1989-10-27
小小小警察 Narcotic policeman 1989-03-25
四千金 Ching Chen-Yu 1989-03-04
褲甲天下 Nam 1988-09-10
吉屋藏娇 A 1988-04-14
今夜星光燦爛 Poon Chung-lung 1988-10-13
血夜天使 Kao Wing Keung 1988-10-28
中華戰士 Secret Agent 001 1987-04-16
歡樂5人組 1987-02-19
國父孫 1986-11-12
七隻狐狸 1985-10-03
天官賜福 Emperor Kangxi / Kang Tian Ci 1985-01-01
再見7日情 Ah Sun 1985-01-01
錯點鴛鴦 Ah Bo / Yu Siao Bo 1985-04-18
至尊一劍 Yan Bei 1984-10-10
情人,看刀 1984-01-25
魔殿屠龍 Zhang Wu Ji 1984-06-19
我愛神仙遮 Cheng 1984-05-11
三闖少林 Lei Xun 1983-10-06
日劫 Shue Sang/Yuen Ying 1983-12-16
魔界 Cheung 1982-06-04
少林傳人 Wang Zi-Tai 1982-01-01
如來神掌 Lung Chien-Fei 1982-08-20
魔劍俠情 A fei 1981-01-31
黑蜥蜴 Long Fei 1981-11-26
無翼蝙蝠 Xiao Qi 1980-12-11
英雄無淚 Zhou Tung Lai 1980-07-24
圓月彎刀 Ding Peng 1979-01-25
色慾與純情 Chiu Jun Ming 1979-03-13
蝙蝠傳奇 Bat Prince Yuan Suiyun 1978-07-08
倚天屠龍記大結局 Chang Wu Ji 1978-10-27
倚天屠龍記 Chang Wu Ji 1978-10-18
白玉老虎 Tang Yu 1977-05-07
多情劍客無情劍 Ah Fei 1977-10-14
三少爺的劍 3rd Master Chi 1977-07-06
阿Sir毒后老虎槍 1977-01-20
明月刀雪夜歼仇 Fei 1977-12-22