Image of Amy Yip

Amy Yip

1966-07-10 Hong Kong, British Crown Colony [now China]

Image of Amy Yip


Probably the most famous Hong Kong Category III actress in History even though she hasn't made a film since 1997 when she quit the industry to get married. Famed for her tiny, slim body and disproportionately large implanted breasts, and the lengths she goes to to hide her assets. Her film roles often show self deprecating humour. She knows why she's there, she know's what you want to see, but through cleverly contrived camera angles you never ever see what she promises you might - the famed "Yip Tease". There have long been numerous rumours of an eminent return to movies which have yet to come to fruition.


Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema Herself (archive footage) 2018-10-08
Di xia cai jue Ling 1994-01-29
Film ohne Fesseln - Das neue Hongkong Kino Herself 1993-01-01
不文騷 1992-03-21
大八掛 Herself 1992-06-26
五湖四海 Sister Yin 1992-11-19
龍貓燒鬚 1992-01-16
特區愛奴 May 1992-01-01
殭屍福星仔 Buffalo's sister 1991-05-16
夜生活女王之霞姐傳奇 Helena Wong Ha 1991-11-20
The Blue Jean Monster Death Rays 1991-01-01
聊齋艷譚續集五通神 Fairy 1991-01-23
龍的傳人 Boutique boss 1991-03-07
千王 Yip Mei Mei 1991-05-16
玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑 Yu Xiang / Chou Yin 1991-11-30
老表發錢寒 1991-10-17
跛豪 May 1991-04-15
情聖 Apple/Bor Bor 1991-10-09
女機械人 Anna 1991-05-31
救命宣言 May 1990-06-19
My Neighbours are Phantoms Busty Ceng / Biggie Tsang 1990-04-26
皇家女將 Officer at meeting [cameo] 1990-04-07
屍家重地 Mei 1990-08-11
漫畫奇俠 Herself 1990-01-01
師兄撞鬼 Chin's Supervisor 1990-07-27
聊齋艷譚 Hua-Hua 1990-05-19
霸王花之皇家賭船 Susanna Yip 1990-04-04
天師捉姦 Piao Hung 1990-05-10
監獄不設防 1989-12-07
富贵开心鬼 Mimi Yeh 1989-08-09
開心巨無霸 May 1989-07-13
神勇飛虎霸王花 Susanna 1989-01-28
鬼媾人 Nancy 1989-04-20
三人世界 Girl at Alex's party 1988-08-25