Image of Jack Neo

Jack Neo

1960-01-24 Singapore

Image of Jack Neo


Jack Neo is one of the most prolific filmmakers in Singapore. In recognition of his achievements and contributions towards Singapore's media industry, Neo was awarded the Public Service Medal Award in 2004 and the Arts Cultural Medallion Award in 2005. He continued to receive many other awards such as the local 'Top 10 Special Achievement Awards' from the Special Achievement in the Arts Award, and also the Best Actor and 'The Most Popular Singapore Movie' awards by Malaysia Golden Wau Awards in 2013. Neo's films have participated in various film festivals around the world. In Singapore, some of his films have topped the yearly box office for domestic films . His most successful movie, Ah Boys to Men, broke several box office records in Singapore and became the highest-grossing movie within a short span of five weeks. Its sequel, Ah Boys to Men 2, broke the box office record yet again.


兄弟班 Singaporean Teacher 2018-07-19
旺得福梁细妹 Liang Xi Mei/Liang Po Po 2018-02-15
天公仔 School Principal 2017-05-18
东主有喜 2015-02-19
笑着回家 Karen Neo 2011-02-03
做人 2010-03-03
吓到笑 Yang Baoqiang 2009-08-13
錢不夠用2 Yang Bao Qiang 2008-07-31
小孩不笨 2 Tom and Jerry's Father 2006-01-26
I Do, I Do Member of Parliament 2005-02-08
三个好人 Government official 2005-09-02
跑吧孩子 Soon's Dad 2003-08-06
小孩不笨 Mr. Liu 2002-02-09
One Leg Kicking 2001-01-01
緣份的世紀 2000-04-13
那个不够 Hong Hao Ren 1999-05-12
梁婆婆重出江湖 Liang Po Po 1999-02-11
梁婆婆重出江湖 Liang Xi Mei (cameo) 1999-02-11
Money No Enough Chew Wah Keong 1998-05-07
十二楼 Ah Gu 1997-06-12
大頭兵上戰場雜牌軍 1991-01-01