Image of Chang Hyae-jin

Chang Hyae-jin

1975-09-05 Busan, South Korea

Image of Chang Hyae-jin


Jang Hye-jin (Korean: 장혜진; born September 5, 1975), is a South Korean actress. She is best known internationally for her role as Kim Chung-sook in the Academy Award winning black comedy film Parasite.


애비규환 Seon-myeong 2020-11-12
기생충 Chung-sook 2019-05-30
선희와 슬기 Teacher 2019-03-27
우리집 Sun's Mother 2019-08-22
니나 내나 Mi-jeong 2019-10-30
어른도감 Jeom-hee's Sister-in-law 2018-08-23
영주 Aunt 2018-11-22
당신의 부탁 Jung-hee 2018-04-19
우리들 Mother 2016-06-16
용순 Restaurant staff 2016-10-01
Mr. Kang's Second Daughter-in-Law 2010-05-13
마린보이 Immigration officer 2009-02-05
밀양 Park Myung-sook 2007-05-17