Image of Samantha Mathis

Samantha Mathis

1970-05-12 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Image of Samantha Mathis


Samantha Mathis is an American film and television actress.


Being Frank Bonnie 2019-06-14
All That We Destroy Dr. Victoria Harris 2019-05-03
The Clovehitch Killer Cindy 2018-11-16
Boarding School Isabel 2018-08-30
Ray Meets Helen Mary 2018-05-04
American Pastoral Penny Hamlin 2016-10-20
Affluenza Bunny Miller 2014-07-11
Unanswered Prayers Lorrie Beck 2012-02-07
Atlas Shrugged: Part II Dagny Taggart 2012-10-12
Camilla Dickinson Rose Dickinson 2012-05-20
Good Day for It Sarah Bryant 2011-04-08
Lebanon, Pa. Vicki 2011-04-29
Buried Linda Conroy (voice) 2010-09-24
Order of Chaos Jennifer 2010-01-01
The New Daughter Cassandra 2009-12-18
Mitch Albom's For One More Day Young Pauline "Posey" Benetto 2007-12-09
A Stranger's Heart Callie Morgan 2007-05-05
Absolution Bettina Lloyd 2006-09-11
Believe in Me Jean Driscoll 2006-09-07
Local Color Carla 2006-09-19
Kids in America Jennifer Rose 2005-10-21
Touched Jeannie Bates 2005-11-01
Fathers and Sons Jenny 2005-06-02
The Punisher Maria 2004-04-15
Searching for Debra Winger Self 2002-07-13
The Simian Line Mae 2001-11-16
Attraction Corey 2001-04-22
American Psycho Courtney Rawlinson 2000-04-13
Mermaid Rhonda 2000-05-21
Freak City Ruth 1999-01-16
Sweet Jane Jane 1998-02-01
Broken Arrow Terry Carmichael 1996-02-09
How to Make an American Quilt Young Sophia 1995-10-06
Jack & Sarah Amy 1995-06-02
The American President Janie Basdin 1995-11-17
Little Women Older Amy March 1994-12-21
Super Mario Bros. Princess Daisy 1993-05-28
The Music of Chance Tiffany 1993-06-23
The Thing Called Love Miranda Presley 1993-08-27
FernGully: The Last Rainforest Crysta (voice) 1992-04-10
This Is My Life Erica Ingels 1992-02-21
83 Hours 'Til Dawn Julie Burdock 1990-11-04
Pump Up the Volume Nora Diniro 1990-08-22
Cold Sassy Tree Lightfoot 1989-10-16
Forbidden Sun Paula 1988-07-01
FernGully Collection Crysta (voice)
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