Image of Diana Terranova

Diana Terranova


Image of Diana Terranova



Minutes to Midnight Host Diane 2018-07-03
Director's Cut Manson Girl 2018-05-10
Snake Outta Compton Angel 2018-04-23
Kuso Pepper 2017-01-21
Two Faced Brooke 2017-01-01
Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens Salt Lake ComicCon Host 2016-07-31
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Bride 2015-07-22
Piranhaconda Jamie 2012-06-16
Lizard Man Veronica 2012-01-01
Camel Spiders Patty 2011-03-04
Sexy Wives Sindrome Carol McGuire 2011-02-05
Prince of Swine Kansas Hating Woman 2011-09-16
8213: Gacy House Janina Peslo 2010-09-28
Get Him to the Greek Lap Dancer in Vegas 2010-06-04
Inversion Kikki 2010-01-01
The Hills Have Thighs Tanya 2010-03-06
All Signs of Death Tiara 2010-04-16
The 41–Year–Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It Stripper 2010-06-08
Milf Rhonda 2010-10-17
Barry Munday Bennie 2010-03-13
Sands of Oblivion Ghost Woman 2007-07-28
A.I. Assault Dr. Nava 2006-09-11
Zig Zag Dancer #3 2002-06-14
Leprechaun in the Hood Leprechaun's Girl (uncredited) 2000-03-28