Image of Ron Masak

Ron Masak


Image of Ron Masak



Angels on Tap ud 2018-07-12
My Trip Back to the Dark Side Mr. James Griffin 2014-05-14
The Benchwarmers Principal 2006-04-07
The Stoneman Detective Lt. J.D. Hill 2002-01-19
No Code of Conduct Julian Disanto 1999-03-19
When Time Expires TV Evangelist 1997-01-02
Cops n Roberts Vince Palermo 1995-01-01
Police Story: Confessions of a Lady Cop Dimaggio 1980-04-28
The Aliens Are Coming Harve Nelson 1980-03-02
Laserblast Sheriff 1978-03-01
Harper Valley P.T.A. Herbie Maddox 1978-07-02
In the Glitter Palace Fred Ruggiero 1977-02-23
The Man from Clover Grove Claude Raintree 1975-01-01
Assault on the Wayne CPO Corky Schmidt 1971-01-12
Evel Knievel Pete 1971-09-10
Tora! Tora! Tora! Lt. Laurence Ruff - USS Nevada 1970-01-26
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting Paul Fleming (uncredited) 1969-05-13
Ice Station Zebra Paul Zabrinczski 1968-10-23
Nightmare in Chicago 1964-04-02
Handling Marital Conflicts Mr. Adams 1964-01-01