Image of Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte

1941-02-08 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Image of Nick Nolte


Nick Nolte is an American actor, film producer, voice artist, comedian, and former model.


Angel Has Fallen Clay Banning 2019-08-21
The Mandalorian: The Child Kuiil 2019-11-12
Head Full of Honey 2018-11-30
The Padre Nemes 2018-09-28
Asthma Werewolf (voice) 2015-10-23
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The Company You Keep Donal Fitzgerald 2012-09-06
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Warrior Paddy Conlon 2011-09-09
Zookeeper Bernie (voice) 2011-07-06
Arthur Burt Johnson 2011-04-08
My Own Love Song Caldwell 2010-04-07
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Butch (voice) 2010-07-28
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Joe Bechstein 2008-01-20
The Spiderwick Chronicles Mulgarath 2008-02-14
Tropic Thunder Four Leaf Tayback 2008-08-09
Chicago 10 Thomas Foran (voice) 2007-01-01
Quelques jours en septembre Elliott 2006-09-06
Peaceful Warrior Socrates 2006-03-30
Paris, je t'aime Vincent (Parc Monceau) 2006-05-16
Over the Hedge Vincent (voice) 2006-05-17
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride 2006-12-12
Off the Black Ray Cook 2006-12-08
Neverwas T. L. Pierson 2005-09-09
Clean Albrecht Hauser 2004-09-01
Hotel Rwanda Colonel Oliver 2004-09-11
The Beautiful Country Steve 2004-03-13
Bare Knuckle Filming: The Construction Of Northfork 2003-12-30
Hulk The Father 2003-06-19
The Good Thief Bob Montagnet 2003-04-03
Northfork Father Harlan 2003-01-01
This So-Called Disaster: Sam Shepard Directs "The Late Henry Moss" Earl 2003-01-01
Intimate Affairs Faldo 2002-04-18
The Making of 'Cape Fear' Himself 2001-09-18
The Golden Bowl Adam Verver 2000-05-14
Trixie Senator Drummond Avery 2000-06-28
Breakfast of Champions Harry Le Sabre 1999-02-13
Simpatico Vincent Webb 1999-09-15
The Thin Red Line Lt. Col. Gordon Tall 1998-12-25
Nightwatch Inspector Thomas Albert Cray 1997-01-31
U Turn Jake McKenna 1997-10-03
Afterglow Lucky Mann 1997-12-26
Affliction Wade Whitehouse 1997-08-28
Mother Night Howard Campbell 1996-11-01
Mulholland Falls Max Hoover 1996-04-26
Jefferson in Paris Thomas Jefferson 1995-03-31
I Love Trouble Peter Brackett 1994-06-29
Blue Chips Pete Bell 1994-02-18
I'll Do Anything Matt Hobbs 1994-02-04
The Player Nick Nolte 1992-04-03
Lorenzo's Oil Augusto Odone 1992-12-30
The Prince of Tides Tom Wingo 1991-12-25
Cape Fear Sam Bowden 1991-11-15
Another 48 Hrs. Jack Cates 1990-06-08
Everybody Wins Tom O'Toole 1990-01-19
Q & A Captain Michael Brennan 1990-04-27
Three Fugitives Lucas 1989-01-27
Farewell to the King Learoyd 1989-03-03
Life Lessons Lionel Dobie 1989-03-10
New York Stories Lionel Dobie 1989-03-10
Extreme Prejudice Jack Benteen 1987-04-24
Weeds Lee Umstetter 1987-10-16
Down and Out in Beverly Hills Jerry Baskin 1986-01-31
Grace Quigley Seymour Flint 1985-05-17
Teachers Alex Jurel 1984-10-05
Under Fire Russell Price 1983-10-21
48 Hrs. Jack Cates 1982-12-07
Cannery Row Doc 1982-02-12
Heart Beat Neal Cassady 1980-04-25
North Dallas Forty Phillip Elliott 1979-08-03
Who'll Stop the Rain Ray Hicks 1978-08-02
The Deep David Sanders 1977-06-17
The Runaway Barge Roy Blount 1975-03-24
Return to Macon County Bo Hollinger 1975-07-23
The California Kid Buzz Stafford 1974-09-25
Winter Kill Dave Michaels 1974-04-15
Death Sentence John Healy 1974-10-02
Electra Glide in Blue Hippie Kid 1973-05-17
Dirty Little Billy Town Gang Leader 1972-11-01
A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand
Poacher John Hardy