Image of Currie Graham

Currie Graham

1967-02-26 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Image of Currie Graham


Currie Graham is a Canadian stage, film and television actor.


Blackmail Bollinger 2017-04-01
Havenhurst Mike 2016-08-22
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage Captain Ryan 2016-09-22
Kiss Me 2015-08-29
Pompeii Bellator 2014-02-18
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Dr. Edwards 2014-02-05
Hitchcock Flack 2012-11-22
Total Recall Bergen 2012-08-02
Smoke Screen Raley Gannon 2010-11-21
Henry's Crime Simon 2010-01-14
Elijah Gary Filmon 2008-05-28
Would Be Kings Patrick Lahane 2008-08-27
Stargate: The Ark of Truth James Marrick 2008-03-11
By Appointment Only Jake Brenner 2007-04-28
Augusta, Gone John 2006-03-01
The Accidental Witness Victor Sandeman 2006-01-01
Assault on Precinct 13 Mike Kahane 2005-01-19
Rancid 2004-12-13
Angels Crest Richard 2002-10-17
Blood Money Det. Leper 1999-01-01
Behind the Mask Geller 1999-02-28
Black Light Larry Avery 1999-05-23
One of Our Own Det. Peter La Pierre 1998-08-28
Portraits of a Killer Wade Simms 1996-05-21
A Stranger to Love Jimmy 1996-03-24
Falling For You Det. Colton 1995-02-21
Hostage for a Day Hondo 1994-04-25
Money for Nothing Dunleavy 1993-09-10
Survive The Night Ice 1993-01-13