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Kevin Dunn

1956-06-24 Chicago - Illinois - USA

Image of Kevin Dunn


Kevin Dunn (born August 24, 1956) is an American actor who has appeared in supporting roles in a number of films and television series since the 1980s.


Captive State Police Chief Igoe 2019-03-15
Trading Paint Stumpy 2019-02-22
Above Suspicion Bob Singer 2018-06-01
The Bachelors Paul Abernac 2017-10-20
Keeping Up with the Joneses Carl Pronger 2016-10-21
Slow Learners Darren Lowry 2015-08-19
Ashby Coach Bruton 2015-04-19
Men of Granite Principal Grisby 2015-02-06
Cesar Chavez Dr. Arlo 2014-03-28
Draft Day Marvin 2014-04-11
The Frozen Ground Lt. Bob Jent 2013-08-23
Jobs Gil Amelio 2013-08-16
Fire with Fire Agent Mullens 2012-08-31
You May Not Kiss the Bride Agent Ross 2011-04-05
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Ron Witwicki 2011-06-28
Warrior Principal Zito 2011-09-09
Unstoppable Galvin 2010-11-12
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Ron Witwicky 2009-06-23
Vicky Cristina Barcelona Mark Nash 2008-08-15
Transformers: Beginnings Ron Witwicky 2007-10-16
Transformers Ron Witwicky 2007-07-02
The Black Dahlia Elizabeth Short's Father 2006-09-15
A Perfect Day Darren 2006-12-18
Live Free or Die Monson 2006-03-11
The Darwin Awards Insurance Exec 2006-07-05
Gridiron Gang Ted Dexter 2006-09-15
I Heart Huckabees Marty 2004-09-10
Ann Rule Presents: The Stranger Beside Me Dick Reed 2003-03-20
L.A. County 187 Lt. Bob Coughlan 2003-07-05
Gleason Jack Philbin - Gleason's manager 2002-10-13
Stir of Echoes Frank McCarthy 1999-09-10
Almost Heroes Hidalgo 1998-05-29
Godzilla Colonel Hicks 1998-05-20
Snake Eyes Lou Logan 1998-08-07
Small Soldiers Stuart Abernathy 1998-07-10
The 6th Man Mikulski 1997-03-28
On the Edge of Innocence Dr. Darbico 1997-04-20
Picture Perfect Mr. Mercer 1997-08-01
The Second Civil War Jimmy Cannon 1997-03-15
Chain Reaction FBI Agent Doyle 1996-08-02
Unforgivable Milton 'Milt' Stella 1996-04-30
Jack Reed: One of Our Own Phil Brenner 1995-04-25
Mad Love Clifford Leland 1995-05-26
The Four Diamonds Charles Millard / Charles the Mysterious 1995-08-12
Nixon Charles Colson 1995-12-22
Little Big League Arthur Goslin 1994-06-29
Dave Alan Reed 1993-05-07
1492: Conquest of Paradise Cap. Mendez 1992-10-09
Chaplin J. Edgar Hoover 1992-12-18
Hot Shots! Lt. Cmdr. James Block 1991-07-31
Only the Lonely Patrick Muldoon 1991-05-24
Marked for Death Lt. Sal Roselli 1990-10-05
Blue Steel Asst. Chief Stanley Hoyt 1990-03-16
The Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Killian 1990-12-21
Marked for Death Sal 1990-10-05
Taken Away Lombardi 1989-11-04
Ghostbusters II Milton Angland 1989-06-15
Mississippi Burning Agent Bird 1988-12-08
Kissing Your Sister: The Story of a Tie Ben Cafferty