Image of Murray Alper

Murray Alper

1904-01-11 New York City, New York, USA

Image of Murray Alper


Murray Alper (January 11, 1904 – November 16, 1984) was an American actor.


The Outlaws Is Coming Chief Crazy Horse 1965-01-01
The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze Gus 1963-08-21
The Nutty Professor Gym Attendant (uncredited) 1963-06-04
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Projectionist (uncredited) 1962-10-12
Ocean's Eleven Deputy (uncredited) 1960-08-10
Calypso Joe 1957-06-08
Women's Prison 1955-02-01
Tanganyika Paul Duffy 1954-07-03
Highway Dragnet Ice Cream Truck Driver 1954-01-20
Border City Rustlers Kirby 1953-11-15
Trouble Along the Way Bus Driver 1953-04-04
Tricky Dicks The Thrill Killer 1953-05-07
Vice Squad Cop (uncredited) 1953-07-31
Jalopy Red Baker 1953-02-15
Murder Without Tears Jim, the Bartender 1953-06-14
Spies and Guys Sergeant 1953-04-04
The Jazz Singer Taxi Driver 1953-02-14
The Jazz Singer Taxi Driver (uncredited) 1953-02-14
The Steel Fist Nicholas 1952-01-06
Here Come the Marines Corporal Stacey 1952-06-29
Gasoline Alley Giffin 1951-01-02
Lullaby of Broadway Joe, Bartender at Three O'Clock Club (uncredited) 1951-03-26
Lost Continent Air Police Sergeant 1951-08-17
Blonde Dynamite John Zero "Dynamite" Bacchuss 1950-02-12
Appointment with Danger Driver 1950-04-07
The Gunfighter Townsman at Funeral (uncredited) 1950-06-23
Free For All McGuinness 1949-11-01
Let's Live a Little Cabbie 1948-12-09
Sleep, My Love Bar Patron at The Maples 1948-02-18
The Gangster Eddie 1947-11-25
Angel on My Shoulder Jim - Taxicab Driver (uncredited) 1946-09-20
Up Goes Maisie Mitch O'Hara 1946-02-01
Gallant Bess Johnny 1946-12-05
The Phantom Thief Eddie Alexander, Chauffeur 1946-05-02
They Were Expendable 'Slug' Mahan T.M. 1c 1945-12-07
Primary Flight Training: Before You Fly Chief Flight Instructor 1945-12-12
Primary Flight Training: Taxiing and Take-offs Chief Flight Instructor 1945-01-01
The Power of the Whistler Joe Blainey, Elite Bakery Truck Driver 1945-04-19
Honeymoon Ahead Spike 1945-05-11
The Horn Blows at Midnight Hotel Bell Captain (uncredited) 1945-04-28
The Eve of St. Mark Sgt. Kriven 1944-05-22
Moonlight and Cactus Slugger 1944-09-08
Something for the Boys Army Desk Sergeant (uncredited) 1944-11-01
Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer Bit Role 1943-01-01
The Hard Way Joe Duglatz (Uncredited) 1943-01-13
Swing Fever Burly Attentant (uncredited) 1943-11-01
Air Force Butch - Demolition Squad Corporal (uncredited) 1943-03-20
Larceny with Music Cab Driver 1943-09-10
Bombardier Little Boy 1943-05-14
Corvette K-225 Jones 1943-09-29
No Time for Love Moran 1943-11-10
The Big Shot Quinto, a Convict 1942-06-13
Escape from Crime Fingerprint Assistant 1942-07-25
The Gay Sisters Elevator Operator (uncredited) 1942-08-01
Obliging Young Lady Pickup Driver with Red (uncredited) 1942-04-01
My Favorite Spy Kay's 1st Taxi Driver 1942-06-12
The Lady Is Willing Joe Quig 1942-02-12
Powder Town Joe the Cab Driver (uncredited) 1942-06-07
Saboteur Truck Driver 1942-04-24
Mug Town Shorty 1942-12-18
Affectionately Yours Blair 1941-05-10
Dangerously They Live Miller, Psychopathic Ward Guard (uncredited) 1941-12-24
Manpower Lineman 1941-08-09
Down Mexico Way Flood 1941-10-15
The Maltese Falcon Frank Richman 1941-10-18
Married Bachelor Sleeper 1941-10-16
My Life with Caroline Jenkins 1941-08-01
Sergeant York But! Boy (uncredited) 1941-09-27
Out of the Fog 1941-06-14
City for Conquest Taxi Driver (uncredited) 1940-09-21
East of the River Dink Rogers, Blackjack Player (uncredited) 1940-11-09
Turnabout Masseur 1940-05-17
My Favorite Wife Yosemite Bartender (uncredited) 1940-05-17
Black Friday Bellhop 1940-02-29
Double Alibi Joe - Counterman 1940-03-01
Gambling on the High Seas Louie 1940-06-22
Sailor's Lady Sailor 1940-07-05
The Lone Wolf Strikes Pete 1940-01-26
Lucky Partners Orchestra Leader 1940-08-02
Blondie Has Servant Trouble Taxi Driver (uncredited) 1940-07-25
King of the Underworld Eddie 1939-01-14
It's a Wonderful World Newspaper Man at Ferry Landing (uncredited) 1939-05-19
The Roaring Twenties Fletcher's Mechanic (uncredited) 1939-10-28
Another Thin Man Larry 1939-11-17
Rose of Washington Square Eddie (uncredited) 1939-05-05
Twelve Crowded Hours Louie Allen 1939-02-23
Tail Spin Albuquerque Mechanic (Uncredited) 1939-02-19
Bachelor Mother Dance Floor Gatekeeper at 'The Pink Slipper' (uncredited) 1939-06-30
The Great Man Votes Tri-County Distribution Truck Driver 1939-01-13
The Big Guy Williams 1939-12-22
Gold Diggers in Paris Taxi Driver 1938-06-11
Submarine Patrol Orderly in Maitland's Office 1938-11-25
Cocoanut Grove Concessionaire 1938-05-20
Next Time I Marry Joe 1938-12-09
Young Dr. Kildare Blue Swan Waiter 1938-10-14
You Can't Buy Luck Spike Connors 1937-04-30
Escape by Night Horace 'Red' Graham 1937-09-01
Torture Money Little Davie Barkell (uncredited) 1937-01-02
Sea Devils Seaman Brown 1937-02-19
23 1/2 Hours Leave Sgt. Schultz 1937-03-21
Big Town Girl Marty 1937-12-03
Lady Be Careful Mattie 1936-09-03
Panic on the Air Marvin Danker 1936-04-10
High Tension Chuck 1936-07-10
The Big Broadcast of 1937 Taxi Driver (uncredited) 1936-10-05
Two in Revolt Andy 1936-04-03
Little Big Shot Doré's Henchman 1935-09-07
Hands Across the Table Cabbie (uncredited) 1935-10-18
The Public Menace Stiglitz (uncredited) 1935-09-30
Seven Keys to Baldpate Max 1935-12-13
The Girl Habit Hood 1931-06-27
The Royal Family of Broadway McDermott 1930-12-22