Image of Christopher Godwin

Christopher Godwin


Image of Christopher Godwin



Mary Poppins Returns Information Desk Clerk 2018-12-19
The Miniaturist Pastor Pellicorne 2017-12-26
The Crucible Judge Hathorne 2014-12-04
Henry IV, Part 1 Northumberland/Traveller 2012-05-27
Henry IV Part 2: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Northumberland/Silence 2012-06-25
Scoop Desk Clerk 2006-07-27
Blackball Bowls Official 2003-05-18
Cold Enough for Snow Golfing Lecturer 1997-12-31
Nice Work Prof. Philip Swallow 1989-10-04
Nearly a Happy Ending Barman 1980-05-31
Charlie Muffin Snare 1979-12-11
Porridge Beal 1979-12-07
Every Home Should Have One Magistrate's Clerk 1978-04-01