Image of Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett

1933-11-03 Berkswell, United Kingdom

Image of Jeremy Brett


Jeremy Brett, was an English actor, probably best known for playing the famous, fictional detective Sherlock Holmes in four Granada TV series from 1984 to 1994 in all 41 episodes.


More Loverly Than Ever: The Making of My Fair Lady Self - Host / Freddy Eynsford-Hill 1995-12-30
Sherlock Holmes: The Eligible Bachelor Sherlock Holmes 1993-02-03
Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampyre Sherlock Holmes 1993-03-14
Sherlock Holmes: The Master Blackmailer Sherlock Holmes 1992-02-02
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Duplicate) Sherlock Holmes 1991-02-21
Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes 1988-08-31
The Sign of Four Sherlock Holmes 1987-03-07
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem Sherlock Holmes 1985-09-29
Florence Nightingale William Nightingale 1985-07-05
On Approval George 1982-06-21
Madame X Dr. Terrence Keith 1981-03-16
Macbeth Macbeth 1981-01-01
The Good Soldier Edward Ashburnham 1981-04-15
The Secret of Seagull Island 1981-06-22
The Medusa Touch Edward Parrish 1978-04-13
The Picture of Dorian Gray Basil Hallward 1976-09-19
Love's Labour's Lost Berowne 1975-12-14
Haunted: The Ferryman Sheridan owen 1974-12-12
The Merchant of Venice Bassanio 1973-10-07
The Rivals Captain Jack Absolute 1970-05-17
An Ideal Husband Goring 1969-05-11
The Merry Widow 1968-12-25
Act of Reprisal 1964-01-01
My Fair Lady Freddy Eynsford-Hill 1964-10-21
Girl in the Headlines Jordan Barker 1963-11-15
The Very Edge Mullen (The Intruder) 1963-04-30
The Wild and the Willing Andrew Gilby 1962-10-16
Macbeth Malcolm 1960-11-20
War and Peace Nikolai Rostov 1956-08-21