Image of Mimi Kung

Mimi Kung

1963-09-17 Hong Kong, British Crown Colony

Image of Mimi Kung


Mimi Kung is a Chinese film and television actress.


吉屋 2018-06-28
華麗上班族 2015-09-24
五個小孩的校長 Anita 2015-03-19
男人唔可以窮 Sit's mother 2014-09-18
恐怖在線 Wendy's mother 2014-09-04
愛‧尋‧迷 Lok's mother 2014-03-28
雛妓 Kam Ho Yin's wife 2014-11-21
販賣‧愛 Tiffany Mother 2014-09-13
第6誡 Mrs Yip 2012-10-04
天生一對 Penny 2006-01-01
曝光人物 1991-12-12
鬼咬鬼 Little Chu 1990-02-09
Liang xiao hua nong yue Ling 1987-06-18