Image of Nathan Greno

Nathan Greno

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Image of Nathan Greno


Director/writer  Nathan Greno is best known for co-directing the blockbuster animation feature, Tangled (2010).    As a child Greno spent most of his time reading comic books and watching cartoons.  He doodled on any surface he could trying to mimic his animation idols.   In the late 1980s Greno joined the Walt Disney Company as a professional animator.   Although Greno began his career at Disney as a clean-up animation artist, he quickly advanced to storyboarding for the feature Brother Bear (2003) and voice acting in the features Chicken Little (2005), Meet the Robinsons (2007), and Bolt (2008). He then segued into the director’s chair for Walt Disney Pictures’ 50th animated motion pictured, Tangled.


Prep & Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection Dasher 2012-11-06
Tangled Ever After Maximus / Guard / Stabbington Brothers (voice) 2012-01-13
Tangled Guard 1 / Thug 1 (voice) 2010-11-24
Prep & Landing Dasher 2009-12-24
Bolt (voice) 2008-11-21
Meet the Robinsons Lefty (voice) 2007-03-23
Untangled: The Making of a Fairy Tale Self