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Tanny Tien-Ni


Image of Tanny Tien-Ni


Tanny Tien-Ni (Chinese: 恬妮 ) is a Taiwanese actrees. Born in Shanghai in 1948 and raised in Taiwan. She studied Beijing Opera and in 1967 formally entered the entertainment word after being named 'Sweater Princess' in a local beauty pageant. After appearing in Taiwanese television series, she made her film debut in "Sword of Endurance". In 1972 signed a contract with Shaw Brothers. Li Han-Hsiang appreciated her special brand of sex appeal and cast her in "Illicit Desire" (1973). Its box office success led to her starring in a number of Li-directed erotic films. Trivia: Married to actor classic wu xia actor Yueh Hua in 1975. Her younger sister Tien Niu was also a major Shaw Brothers star of the 1970s.


电影香江:俪影倾情 Herself 2003-01-03
我未成年 May Luk Ling Ling 1989-06-15
飆城 1988-12-29
陷阱邊沿 Wife 1988-01-01
Bitter Taste of Blood 1988-11-24
My Mind, Your Body 1985-01-01
何必有我? Koko's mother 1985-10-29
天官賜福 Empress Dowager 1985-01-01
替槍老豆 Yuan Kwun's mother 1985-11-21
連體 Mrs Kei Ching Yi 1984-07-24
追鬼七雄 Innkeeper's Wife 1983-03-31
楊過與小龍女 Li Mochou 1983-02-12
細圈仔 1982-08-25
人皮燈籠 Lee Chin 1982-07-14
屍妖 Madame Lan 1981-01-01
Chan Sau Ying / Chan Sau Fong 1980-07-09
Chorakhe Angela 1979-06-28
风花雪月 Cai Feng 1977-01-01
Tian long ba bu Mu Wan-Ching / Hsiang Yao-cha 1977-09-09
香港奇案 Tanny 1976-01-16
鱷潭群英會 Jenny 1976-09-16
香港式離婚 1976-07-15
勾魂降頭 Li Cui Ling 1976-12-09
天涯明月刀 Mingyue Hsin 'Moonlight Heart' 1976-07-10
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold Mi Ling Fong 1975-07-11
鐵漢柔情 Yip Fung 1975-12-09
傾國傾城 Li Chieh 1975-07-23
A Haunted House 1975-01-23
Gang Ao Chuan Qi Carrie Ho 1975-01-01
拍案驚奇 Pan Chiao-Yin 1975-12-05
無奇不有 1975-07-11
金三角 Hangson Wu 1975-01-01
屍蠱艷譚 Luo Yin 1975-10-02
醜聞 Pan Qiao Han 1974-04-12
啼笑夫妻 Miss Lam 1974-10-23
賭鬼 1974-01-01
綽頭狀元 Pauline Hsin 1974-07-18
金瓶雙艷 Mrs. Hua/Li Ping Erh 1974-01-17
Yan ku shen tan Lei 1974-11-21
捉鼠記 Anna Fang 1974-12-19
一樂也 Xiao Hong/Ma Xing Feng/Head Nurse Fong 1973-11-08
應召女郎 1973-04-19
夜生活的女人 Lin Yu-Jia 1973-07-21
雷風雨 1973-07-07
五虎摧花 1972-04-13
唐人客 Chan Ying Ying 1972-10-04
Xue niang 1969-01-01
李三娘 1969-08-28
Gai shi dao wang 1969-09-03
Hong yi xia nu 1968-11-08