Image of David Pressman

David Pressman

1965-11-06 New York City, New York, USA

Image of David Pressman



Tropic Thunder First Assistant Director - Vietnam Crew 2008-08-09
Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh Officer Gilbert 2008-12-05
The Grand Melville "Murph Murph" Murphy 2007-06-07
Starsky & Hutch Terrence Meyers 2004-03-05
What's Up, Peter Fuddy? 2001-01-01
Zoolander Maori Tribesman 2001-09-28
Godzilla Anchorage Captain 1998-05-20
Independence Day Whitmore's Aide 1996-06-25
Stargate Assistant Lieutenant 1994-10-27
The Rocketeer Hospital Guard 1991-06-21
Pyrates Carlton 1991-12-18
Black Moon Rising Kid at Grocery Store 1986-01-10