Image of Lara Harris

Lara Harris

1962-08-22 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Image of Lara Harris


Actress / Performer.


Trapped Ashes Julia 2006-09-12
April's Shower Kelly 2003-10-15
Music Veronica 2003-06-04
I'll Take You There Rose 1999-09-03
Mercenary Joanna Ambler 1997-01-17
On Seventh Avenue Mary Ann 1996-06-10
Inhumanoid Katrina Carver 1996-07-23
The Zone Mikaela / Mike 1995-11-16
All Tied Up Kim Roach 1994-05-11
Demolition Man Taco Bell Patron 1993-10-08
The Fisher King Sondra 1991-09-09
Too Much Sun Sister Ursula 1990-10-10
The Fourth War Elena 1990-03-08
Blood Red Angelica 1989-08-18
No Man's Land Ann Varrick 1987-10-23
Mannequin Mannequin in Photo Window 1987-02-13