Image of You Yong

You Yong

1963-12-13 Shanxi, Xian, China

Image of You Yong


Chinese actor. He enrolled in the Xi'an Drama School (西安话剧院) in 1979 and was joined the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1984. Upon graduation in 1988, he acted in his first film, Obsession, marking the start of his career. He is best known for his roles as policemen or military officers in many films and television series he acted in.


除暴 2020-11-27
站住!小偷 2019-12-28
冰之下 2017-09-11
钱学森 2012-03-02
Qian Xuesen Minister Lu 2012-03-02
赤壁2:決戰天下 Lord Liu Bei 2009-01-07
建国大业 白崇禧 2009-09-17
硬汉 Capt Jiang 2008-11-28
赤壁 Liu Bei 2008-07-10
鐵三角 Policeman (as Yao Yung) 2007-10-01
黑社會2以和為貴 Mr Xi 2006-04-27
黑社會 Mainland police captain 2005-10-20
天下无贼 2004-12-09
大事件 Cheung Chun 2004-06-10
绝对情感 2001-12-31
紧急迫降 2000-01-01
梦幻田园 1999-01-01
有话好好说 餐厅看客甲 1997-05-16
龍城正月 Li Qing Yang 1997-11-13
危情少女 1994-01-01
消失的女人 1993-01-01
Lao Dian Hua Yingkui 1990-01-01