Image of Rod McCary

Rod McCary

1941-04-15 St. Cloud - Minnesota - USA

Image of Rod McCary


Rod McCary was is an actor and producer.


Spreading Darkness Mr. Tubal 2017-11-21
The Wishing Well Upshaw 2010-01-09
What I Did for Love Tom 2007-10-16
Gone but Not Forgotten Mike Ryder 2005-01-01
Komodo vs. Cobra General Bradley 2005-08-19
Murder Without Conviction Dan Tuxford 2004-02-12
Project Viper Dr. Shoup 2002-05-15
Raptor Gen. Mayhem 2001-11-06
Before He Wakes Preston Payvon 1998-12-01
Hindsight John Hoffman 1996-01-01
Leprechaun 3 Father Bob (uncredited) 1995-07-04
The Secretary George Matthias 1995-04-12
The Flintstones Store Manager 1994-05-26
Night of the Demons 2 Father Bob 1994-05-31
Aspen Extreme Mr. Hansen 1993-01-22
976-Evil II Dr. Jamison 1992-04-22
Opposites Attract Brant 1990-10-16
Menu for Murder Tony Mayfield 1990-12-04
Human Error John Farley 1988-01-01
Justin Case Simon Fresca 1988-05-15
Stewardess School Capt. Biff 1986-08-01
Beverly Hills Madam Senator Wells 1986-04-06
Malibu Alex West 1983-01-23
Through Naked Eyes Terry Sheppard 1983-12-11
Terror Among Us Gates 1981-01-12
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders II Captain Webner 1980-01-13
Loose Shoes Clark 1980-08-01
Wholly Moses Hittite Emissary 1980-06-13
The November Plan George Donaldson 1977-01-01
Herbie Rides Again Red Knight 1974-02-14
No Drums, No Bugles Lieutenant 1972-02-23
Sweet, Sweet Rachel Paul Stanton 1971-10-01
The Christine Jorgensen Story Jess Warner 1970-10-29
The Party's Just Begun: The Legacy of Night of The Demons Himself