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On the Palm (1987)

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0 minutos

Director: Michael Whyte

Reparto: Peter Martin,Philip Jackson,Bert Parnaby,James Hazeldine,Cathy Tyson,Tony Pitts,Tony Melody,Joanna Lyon,Tony Heath,Liz Smith,George Malpas,Sandra Gough,Elizabeth McGrath,Jane Horrocks,Paul Beringer,Bert Gaunt,Patricia Grainger,John Patrick,Steven Collins,David Nicholls,Anne Marie Wedel,Suzanne Ellison,

Fecha de Estreno: 1987-04-05


Fledge needs a job. He'll take anything. And when Dawlish gives him strange errands to run, for cash in hand, strictly 'on the palm', it's a welcome change from the dole. Until he finds himself digging dirt on an old friend....