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Gorgeous (1994)

10 minutos

10 minutos

Director: Kaz Cooke

Reparto: Judith Lucy,Kris McQuade,Mick Molloy,

Fecha de Estreno: 1994-01-01


Why do women and girls feel insecure about body image, and what thoughts tempt them towards eating disorders and other strange beauty rituals? Gorgeous follows the perils of cartoon character Hermoine the Modern Girl as she tackles plastic surgery, beauty therapy and bulimia in a feral fit of inadequacy. Undermined by her evil inner voice, otherwise known as Deirdre the Weird Fairy, Hermoine journeys from heavy chocolate biscuit abuse to tortuous treatment at the beauty salon, the boutique and the gym. After narrowly escaping the clutches of an out-of-control plastic surgeon, Hermoine finally rebels against Deidre’s obsession with eating behaviour and ‘beauty’ and proves that modern girls can stop feeling inadequate and regain their self-esteem.