Fuera de Cartelera

The Temptation of Office Ladies (2000)

88 minutos

88 minutos

Director: Ricky Lau

Reparto: Pinky Cheung,Claire Yiu,Lam Hang-Yee,Kristal Tin,Ben Lam,Billy Lau,Lee Wai-Kei,Thomas Lam,Philip Keung,Timothy Zao,Ayama Chuichi,Ken Lok,

Fecha de Estreno: 2000-06-23


Three young girls - Mon, Jo Jo, and Ida - with widely differing personalities, live together in the same house and come face to face with the faults of the men in their life. Mon, who works as a broker in the stock market, would like a change both professionally and romantically and has her eyes on married Michael; meanwhile he harbours fantasies of raping her. Ida works hard to pay off the mortgage with her boyfriend Andy; but he is too lazy to find a job after a year on the dole. The only man Yo Yo loves is Jack Daniels, spending every night in a bar getting drunk even though she is has a son and a daughter to take care of.