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Mighty Baby (2002)

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Director: Chan Hing-Kai

Reparto: Lau Ching-wan,Louis Koo,Rosamund Kwan,Gigi Leung,Carina Lau,Cherrie Ying,Cecilia Cheung,Chikako Aoyama,Cheuk Wan-Chi,

Fecha de Estreno: 2002-01-01


After successfully designing the perfect bra, Lena, Johnny and Wayne are ordered to come up with a marketing plan for the "Mighty Baby" line of baby care products. Johnny's life is complicated when he hires quirky secretary Sabrina. As for Lena and Wayne, their relationship is threatened when Lena discovers that Wayne is afraid of babies. To help Wayne overcome his fear, Lena hires child expert Boey. Unfortunately for Lena, Wayne starts to develop feelings for Boey.