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This Country - The Aftermath (2018)

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Director: Tom George

Reparto: Daisy May Cooper,Charlie Cooper,Paul Chahidi,Paul Cooper,Ivy Woodcock,Colin Wakeman,Holly Atkins,Dainton Anderson,Zachary Liddell,David Hargreaves,Michael Sleggs,Mark Kempner,Colin Mace,Trevor Cooper,

Fecha de Estreno: 2018-10-13


After Kerry's trusting nature was taken advantage of and she became embroiled in a criminal enterprise with her devious father Martin, the police's net tightened around the Mucklowes. Kerry was left with a direct choice - save her father or save herself. Eight months on, the crew returns to the Cotswolds to investigate what has happened to both the Mucklowe family and the village community as a whole.