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The Golden Nightmare (1999)

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Director: Lo Po-Shan

Reparto: Max Mok Siu-Chung,Annie Wu,Andrew Lin,Michael Chow Man-Kin,Lung Fong,Ringo Pai Ying,Yukari Ôshima,Peter Chan Lung,Chui Siu-Kin,Jameson Lam Wa-Fan,Dung Man,

Fecha de Estreno: 1999-05-01


To get back his wealth and reputation, young Shoichi (LIN Hoi) decided to make a plan for seeking buried treasure in the Philippines which is made during World War II while his Dad (Japanese military officer) was is charge to ask a Chinese coolie group to bury valuables like golds. He also knows the map is at two escaped guys both own half of it. Shoichi subsequently goes to the Philippines and PRC to get the map but in vain. The Chinese map portion is in the hands of an old guy taken care by young cop WANG Chin (Annie WU Sun-kwan). The old guy is being hurt by Shoichi while WANG started the investigation. Finally they find out the facts that the treasure contains Chinese national treasures. PRC Gov't decided to send WANG Chin and Dr. LI (MOK Siu-chung) to the Philippines to reclaim these treasures which led by a Philippine local guy (CHOW Man-kin). However, the whole treasure process is a nightmare .....