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Abraham & Sarah (2014)

231 minutos

231 minutos

Director: Cathy Ellis

Reparto: Michael Lackey,Nancy Haywood,Randall W. Hahn,Mike Williams,Donna East,Justin Fennell,Joby Saad,Brian Hartley,Krystin Dimercurio,Rene Gonzalez,Alain Gerard,Luis-David Madera,Alan Streigold,Gabriel Carvalho,Noah Centineo,Ann Long,Ani Corey,Suzayn Shearin-Yap,

Fecha de Estreno: 2014-04-05


The trials, tribulations, tests, and triumphs of Abraham, his wife Sarah, and his nephew Lot as they leave the land of Ur and head to the land God promised to Abraham. During that journey, through God's faithfulness and grace, Abraham's faith is irrevocably established for all time and he becomes known as "God's Friend".