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Hermie & Friends: Hailey & Bailey's Silly Fight (2008)

35 minutos

35 minutos


Reparto: Tim Conway,Melissa Disney,

Fecha de Estreno: 2008-01-26


Most twins Have abiding love for each other. Hailey and Bailey are no different. Well, there was that one time...It's the age-old conflict: blueberries vs. tomatoes. Or was it oatmeal vs. cereal? She hit me first? Come to think of it, sibling disputes are almost never "about" anything. They are just silly. When Hailey and Bailey can't agree on what to pack for their picnic, the resulting feud spills over to the entire garden and threatens to undo the good deeds the twins have actually agreed to perform. Join our favorite garden friends as we learn about getting along.