Fuera de Cartelera

The Switch (1993)

91 minutos

91 minutos

Director: Bobby Roth

Reparto: Gary Cole,Craig T. Nelson,Kathleen Nolan,Chris Mulkey,L. Scott Caldwell,Max Gail,David Purdham,Richard Redlin,Hinton Battle,Henry G. Sanders,Timothy Scott,David Schickele,James Harper,Gina Gallego,Jessie Nelson,Martin Davidson,Tamara E. Genest,Beverly D'Angelo,Ryal Haakenson,

Fecha de Estreno: 1993-01-17


Larry McAfee is paralyzed from the neck down following a motorcycle accident. He gradually loses the will to live, in the meantime befriending a talk radio DJ over the phone. The two meet each other and become friends, though Larry still wishes to end his life. The DJ reluctantly has a switch installed on Larry's life support that Larry can activate at any time (via his mouth) to end his life.