Fuera de Cartelera

MLE (2015)

98 minutos

98 minutos

Director: Sarah Warren

Reparto: Sarah Warren,Julie Sype,Jo Price,Christopher Tajah,Ryan Mercier,Deidre Garcia,Mark Sorrell,Orion Lee,Ben Fairey,Mike Figgis,Paul Haggis,

Fecha de Estreno: 2015-01-24


MLE ('My Little Eye') is based on a true story - Julie Robert, (nope, not Julia Roberts, as she corrects on a daily basis) is a broke actor who just lost her only gig. Stranded in a new country with her trouble-making friend Camila, and struggling to find a sane new agent, Julie finds herself taking on spy work from a strange family. What seems fun at first turns life belly-up for Julie (spy name, Emily) - the awkward, amateur spy.