Fuera de Cartelera

House of Wolves (2016)

100 minutos

100 minutos

Director: Vincent Kok

Reparto: Francis Ng,Ronald Cheng,Candice Yu,Baby John Choi,Ella Koon,Derek Tsang,Vincent Kok,Lam Tze-chung,Singh Hartihan Bitto,Cheung Tat-Ming,Chrissie Chau,Josie Ho,Maggie Jiang,Eman Lam Yi-Man,Sam Lee,Ken Lo,Tenky Tin Kai-Man,Steven Fung Min-Hang,Tam Bing-Man,Bonnie Wong,Yu Miu-Lin,Lo Fan,Terence Tsui Chi-Hung,Louis Yuen,Jackie Xu Jia-Qi,

Fecha de Estreno: 2016-01-21


Set in old rural district, Charlie pretends to be an ALS patient so he can gain sympathy from others. He runs a charity organization where he secretly carries out all sorts of nasty business. The village chief Fung Yan-bing is a dishonest man who likes to test others with money and take advantage of them. Along comes a beautiful woman named Yu Zan, a materialistic lady who loves money more than anything. However, the woman is carrying the baby of her ex-boyfriend who is a well-known tycoon's heir. The arrival of the baby will soon change the mentalities and nature of the three problematic human beings