Fuera de Cartelera

Murder: The Third Voice (2016)

60 minutos

60 minutos

Director: Birger Larsen

Reparto: Morven Christie,Peter McDonald,Frank Gilhooley,Shauna Macdonald,Conor McCarron,Maurice Roeves,Valene Kane,Stewart Preston,Kim Allan,Naomi Leonard Morgan,

Fecha de Estreno: 2016-03-03


When Rafe Carey’s body is washed up by the River Tweed, it looks like he’s drowned in a tragic accident on a day of extreme weather. He and his brother-in-law Leo Durridge were swept away when the section of riverbank they were fishing from collapsed. Leo fought his way to the shallows and is in hospital with cuts and bruises - Rafe wasn’t so lucky. But when detective Corinne Evans investigates, she finds the cause of Rafe’s death isn’t drowning at all - he’s been stabbed through the heart, and Leo is the prime suspect. While he claims that he and Rafe were the only ones by the river on that stormy day, but a witness says he heard three voices, and forensic examination of the scene reveals three sets of bootprints.