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Happily Ever After (2009)

92 minutos

92 minutos

Director: Wai Chiu Chung

Reparto: Michelle Wai,Ken Hung,Carlos Chan,Hui Siu-Hung,Gladys Fung,Anjo Leung,Brenda Chan Kwai-Fan,Chin Wing-Wai,

Fecha de Estreno: 2009-08-27


Nan Au-Yeung (Michelle Wai) and Sze Tso-chi (Ken Hung) share the same birthday, go to the same school, love photography, and are just as competitive. But they did not know of each other’s existence until they “crossed swords” at a debate tournament. And they both felt as if the fairytale prince and princess finally found each other. Later in a birthday party, Nan thought Chi played a trick on her, leaving a slap on his face. Four years later, Nan Au-Yeung encounters his ghost and learns that he is already dead...