Fuera de Cartelera

Oh! My Three Guys.... (1994)

96 minutos

96 minutos

Director: Derek Chiu

Reparto: Eric Kot Man-Fai,Lau Ching-wan,Dayo Wong,Wu Chien-Lien,Charine Chan,Noel Chik King-Man,Simon Lui,Joseph Cheng King-Kei,Kenneth Chan,Anthony Wong,Manfred Wong,Yip Hon-Leung,Ku Ming-Wah,Nelson Cheung,Wong Yat-fei,Wong Wa-Wo,John Cheung Chan-Sang,

Fecha de Estreno: 1994-12-01


Young gay men in Hong Kong. Hoi, Fa, and Kau have been friends since Third Form. They're now young gay adults sharing an apartment. Fa (Dayo Wong), who writes film scripts, has recently been jilted and is heart-broken. Hoi (Sean Lau), who works at an ad agency where he's in the closet, is pursued by Fok May (Jacklyn Wu), a female colleague. Kau (Eric Kot Man-Fai), effeminate and outgoing, is humiliated in public by his father in front of his brother and sister. He goes on TV to make a plea for acceptance. Under the shadow of AIDS and of prejudice, May and the three guys live out their friendships.