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Days of Tomorrow (1993)

93 minutos

93 minutos

Director: Jeffrey Lau

Reparto: Andy Lau,Jay Lau,Carrie Ng,Yip San,Hilary Tsui,Henry Fong Ping,Deanie Ip,Lau Kong,Danny Poon,Kenneth Chan,Power Chan,Lee Siu-Kei,Leung Wing-Lam,Lam Seung-Mo,Daniel Yu,Eric Kong Miu-Deng,Hon San,Gwok Tak-San,Jameson Lam Wa-Fan,Lam Kwok-Git,So Wai-Nam,

Fecha de Estreno: 1993-08-05


A young woman searches for information about her father who starred in the classic movie 'Days of Tomorrow', which she is helping to remake. She finds out about his restless youth, career in the 1970s Hong Kong film industry, and tragic love affair.